FAQ - Futuruum

English FAQ

Can I come for a quick try?

For getting a quick experience we recommend coming with a friend and sharing the play area. Or book a 15 minute session for starters and lengthen it if you like what you get.

Can I play if I’m wearing glasses?

Of course, there is plenty of room in the headset.

Can I play multiplayer games with my friend who is in the next VR box?

Of course! We have plenty of games you can play in multiplayer mode.

Does virtual reality make you sick?

You get dizziness when VR systems are low quality (mobile devices that don’t track your head in the room) or badly designed experiences (e.g. most rollercoasters) – we wont let you experience that and confuse your senses.

How many people can play at the same time?

We have 8 play areas, each for one person at a time. It is allowed to share the play area and time with your friends. We recommend booking one play area for maximum 4 people, so everybody has enough time to get a cool VR experience in an hour.

I have already tried one VR headset, why should I do it again?

Virtual reality is a broad term- it is often falsely considered as only a cardboard headset. It has a big world around it and a lot of different headsets with different quality. We ensure that the experience is totally different depending on the headset you use. We use only the best – HTC Vive. And we have different gadgets that are connected with the hardware to make the experience even better.

I’m not a gamer, is Futuruum for me?

Virtual reality is a new form of entertainment and it is used in more than just gaming. We let you virtually travel to the places you have never been, draw in 3D world and act in interactive films.

Is Futuruum closed?


Is Futuruum only for boys?

Definitely not. VR experience is awesome and entertaining for all. It doesn’t ask for age and has different experiences for everyone, regardless of age and sex.

Is it possible that I hit myself against the wall?

There is a built-in warning in the system that indicates if you are too close to the wall. Our play areas are wide, so you have enough room. We have made play area walls soft so you wont get hurt.

Is using shared headset hygienic?

All surfaces touching the skin are disinfected after each play time. We are also using leather covers for headsets to avoid sweat accumulation on the surface.

Is virtual reality an experience to run away from reality?

The opposite – virtual reality opens you to two worlds at the same time. We find reality much better when it has VR in it.

What kind of equipment are you using?

We offer VR experience using HTC Vive sets, which are run by powerful computers. Play areas are big and you have different gadgets to make the experience even cooler.

Who are behind Futuruum?

We have VR loving enthusiasts in our team. All of whom have been dealing with VR over the past years under two companies – Psühhobuss and Skyron VR.